Okay I just went and spent about 1400$ on all these computer parts and when I put them togather I got nothing. My fans would run and my LED lights and CD drive light would blink on for about a second then everything would turn off. I fiddled around with the power cords and I got it to where it would keep the fans running and the LED lights and CD drive lights would stay on for about 5 seconds before turning off, but the fans would continue to run. The power light on the Motherboard is on and the hard drive sounds like its starts to boot up but then goes silent. My monitor has been blank this whole time. Then I did the barebones thing and the only thing which ran was the CPU and video card fan. I did not see anything on the monitor this time either. I have checked everything several times and everything is plugged in as it is suppose to be, but I don't know why I don't get anything on the monitor or why the lights go off.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

AMD 64-bit 3500
A8N-Sli Deluxe
2x512 corsair value ram
cooler master 460W PS

Do you have the small gold pieces in your case that raise the mobo off the bottom. If you dont the motherboard has been shorting out against the metal case. If you are lucky you havent fried your motherboard. When i built my first PC i had that problem.


Also, make sure you have the ram in the right slots. it is color coded, so if you have one stick in the blue slot on one side, the other stick needs to go into the blue slot on the other side. The RAM should be in the blue slots.

Thanks guys, I did end up taking it out of the case when I called the mother board company and they told me my CPU was defective... so I have since then mailed back my CPU for replacement and btw I did put in the standoffs and everything fits alot nicer, I'm so glad I didn't fry my mother board :cool:

The standoffs might have fixed everything and the CPu wasn't defective at all.

Glad it worked that problem got me so frusturated.

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