Hi All

I have an AMD 64 2800+, 1gig ram, asus K8U-X mb. Nvidia 6600 GT graphix.

I previously had a radeon 9600 graphics card. When running Battlefield 2 online, it would freeze on quite regualar occasions, sometimes rebooting itself after 10 seconds or so, sometimes requiring me to press the reset button.

I replaced the 9600 with the Nvidia 6600 GT, and now, when playing bf2 online, the computer will reboot very regularly. (The most time I've got playing online without it rebooting is about 10 mins :sad: ).

Some other points of note that may help the diagnosis:

  • When I play bf2 offline, the computer lasts a lot longer without rebooting, say 30 mins plus.
  • When playing bf2 I also regularly lose my connection to the server, meaning I get kicked back to the main game screen. This happened before and after I changed my graphics card. I have changed ISP and modem, and this problem still persists.
  • I have tried formatting my HD and reinstalling in case it was a driver legacy issue, but no joy.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Can youc confirm its not a heating issue? Check your CPU and GPU temperatures and revert back.

Hi, no I'm pretty sure it's not a heating issue - i've installed a new fan and the airflow seems okay

Well, if the heat sink is dirty, a fan won't do much good. Check the temps in the BIOS.

Otherwise, I'd check the RAM. Clean out the connectors and make sure everything is plugged in tight.

First thing I would do is confirm all of your hardware is properly seated in your motherboard. Give that a go and try it out again. If that's not the case, double check temps on CPU, HDD, and Video Cards, if they're high, resolve that, replace HSF, reapply thermal compound and so forth. If the problem still happens, I'd be taking a look at your Power Supply, make sure it's delivering ample power to all periphials. There are numerous programs out there that will show the voltages coming out of PSU.