Hi all,

Am currently using a Asus mobo and a seagate 7200.12 1TB (that the mobo detects correctly).

However when I try to add a new sata hard drive, the bios detect only the new drives and not the original seagate drive. And it can only detect one sata drive at a time (i.e even if I plug in 3 drives, only 1 drive will be detected).

I have updated to the latest asus bios. The seagate is plugged to sata port 1 and the other drive, sata port 3.

Might anyone have any solution to the problem? Appreciate your advice!


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If you look closely the ports are labeled Sata0, Sata1, Sata2

Try and make sure you don't skip any.

Then check in your BIOS if the drives are being detected.

Then Post your results.


The seagate (original HDD) is on sata 1 with any additional HDDs on sata 3 or 5. Will try it out later, though the bios had previously recognized the new HDD on sata 5 while de-recognizing the original HDD which was connected on sata 1. Thus it seems like the bios only recognizes one HDD at a time, and the seagate HDD is always the last to be recognized(unrecognized)...


Hmm, sorry I feel a little skeptical. Did you go into Bios with the blue screen and red selection thingy?


Here is a screen shot of how it's supposed to look like.

I am just trying to make sure, please don't be offended, I am just trying to confirm that we are on the same page.

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