My Dell Dimension 9150 worked well yesterday but today when I turn it on it freeze during the POST, the status bar under the Dell logo on screen go up to 95% more or less, emit a constant beep and the Diagnotic Lights 1 and 4 light up.

I unplugged the keyboard, mouse, HD, DVD, monitor and video card and I still get this error.

Any idea?

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constant beep?

Hmm is it coming and going or just is it a continuous tone. Like when you pick up the phone?

Can you try and remove all peripherals and leave just the processor and motherboard (and PSU ofc). Remove the RAM as well.

you should hear 5 or 4 beeps and then nothing.

If you are hearing a siren then that is for overheating of the CPU, but if it was that then the machine would immediately shut down.

A constant beep means it can be a memory problem also. you can try troubleshoot system memory then see is there any improvement or not.

It can also be a stuck key on the keyboard. When the POST tests are done it tests keyboard and if a key is making constant contact it will produce the continuous tone.

It might be the problem of processor or ur keyboard

IF all the above don't work try and disassemble the whole system unit then return it back again dusting it.

A stuck key can do this. Try booting with everything external (including keyboard and mouse) disconnected, except the monitor.

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