A hardrive was connected and powered in a PC without the old hardrive present. Issue now: There is no visual, as if the graphics card does not work. Note: The new hardrive was connected to the PC without properly being formated. How do I solve this problem? What are the odds of connecting a brand new non-formated hardrive to a PC without the previous (Master) hardrive present?

Additional Details

I power up the pc and nothing shows up and not even the bios screen shows up as if the monitor is not even connected. The monitor output is on the motherboard and always has been. (no graphics bus-card is installed) Note: The monitor used is in good condition.

All connected cables are correctly placed and are in good shape.

The owner was so fast to connect a new Hardrive without going through the proper protocol needed to change one out.

The Reason for changing the Old Hardrive: The data cable port is damaged.

its ok to add a new hard drive without the old one present as long as the new one is set to be the master. once the computer is turned on and the new hard drive has not been formatted then the monitor should say "no operating system found". So if you don't have anything showing on the screen its possible that the graphics bus or port could be damaged and possibly the mother board could be damaged.

try to add a working graphics card