I have recently bought a second hand Dell Latitude D610 laptop but the previous owner does not know the BIOS security password, so I cannot go into the BIOS and change the boot sequence or activate the new wireless card I have bought for it.

I have tried various methods, being a laptop removing the CMOS battery has no effect and I tried a program 'latitude.exe' that did create a password from my Dell service tag, but this was not accepted. I am aware of the so called 'paperclip' solution, but this sounds a bit drastic with the potential to brick the computer - any suggestions of an alternative or if anyone has successfully used the 'paperclip' method (i will use a proper microclip and probe if it comes to it!) I'd appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks all.


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Some motherboards have a "Clear CMOS" or "Clear Password" jumper located near the CMOS RAM chip.
When the jumper is set you and the system is booted can you can erase the CMOS data or just the password.
Reset the jumper to its original position and boot into the CMOS Setup to affect any necessary changes.

I know some methods.
1. The best and easiest method: Open you computer box, take out the cmos battery from the mainboard. Then the bios password will be reset to blank.
2. Follow some hard tutorials, it is difficult to do. It is better that you are a expert. For example this tutorial: Bypass BIOS Password or Crack CMOS Password?
3. Use the bios password recovery tool , but that is not free!

So I would suggest you the 1st method. Hope it helps.

flip the laptop over and take the rtc battery out and leave it for a hour

Removing the CMOS battery will not reset the BIOS.
You can short out the CMOS chip whilst powering-on the laptop, but it's awkward to do correctly and theres no guarantee that you won't brick your machine.

Have a look at the service tag - displayed when you try to access the bios - if it ends with a D35B suffix, i.e. xxxxxxx-D35B, you can reset it with a passgen. If it ends with 595B, the passgen won't work.

PM/email me if you're still stuck.

I have read many times about resetting BIOS pswd with a program, but I am seriously wondering how you get past the BIOS password to let it boot to the disk with the program on it... how does it work?

Actually, pulling out any CMOS battery does more than reset the BIOS Password: it causes the flash of the BIOS to be lost such that the burned version of the BIOS is reverted back to. And as there is no password in the burned version of the BIOS the password is effectively reset with the consequence that the BIOS is reset to default settings.

One way to get around this is to flash the BIOS again with a bootable USB or Floppy that has the BIOS on it from a download from Dell. That also resets the BIOS password and may reset some of the BIOS settings as flashing the BIOS may affect certain settings of the BIOS.

Your information is incorrect. Pulling the CMOS battery does NOT reset the BIOS security on most modern laptops, especially the likes of Dell and other major OEMs. I use the term 'modern' very loosely, as this includes laptops with Pentium M CPUs. Try it out.

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