Hi, I'm new to this forum and not a tech person. I got a Dell D610 from Ebay from a guy who got it from a guy and so on....Now, I'm trying to install Windows XP and I have to change the Boot Sequence, but I can't do it as it is locked and while I'm in BIOS and I want to change it it asks me for Admin Password. Any idea on how to reset the password would be really appreciated.
Thank you

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> I got a Dell D610 from Ebay from a guy who got it from a guy and so on.
If the person you bought it off doesn't know, then you should be thinking "was this stolen?".

I fixed it, thanks anyway


I got same your situation (I can get into BIOS, but I cannot
change a boot sequence device because was locked)

How do you fix it ?
Let people else learn form your work . Thank you

I fixed it, thanks anyway

hi how did you manage to remove the password or resolve the issue with the d610?

I am in the same boat and would appreciate any fix, thanks


If anyone still needs help with this, PM me.
And no I am not trying to sell you a solution.

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