Hi. I am trying to figure out how to use remote desktop on my windows and mac computers within my home network first and then move on to using it remotely from outside my home network but i am experiencing some difficulties. First of all, i own a mixture of windows and mac machines some gaining network access from an Apple Airport Extreme and some wired also from the airport. the airport gets access from a linksys cable modem. Can anyone help me out with configuring remote access with this setup? thanks.

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I have done this before remotely through an SSH tunnel, with very poor success. I could get a tunnel connected but when using the system graphically the performance was poor. I could do file transfers through terminal with ease.

behind my own network there is no problem at all. The setup on the mac is easy just go into the share preferences under system preferences and add the remote management options. for remote ssh login turn on remote management. Find an appropriate VNC client for the windows machine and mac.

if you are just using Mac to Mac VNC is built in using screen sharing.

Enable Remote Connection

1. Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced System Settings
2. Go to Remote tab.
3. Under Remote Assistance, put a check mark on Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.
4. Click on Apply.

To Connect to a Remote Desktop (Local Area Connectivity)

1. Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Remote Desktop Connection
2. Enter the Computer Name or IP address of the computer you wish to connect to.
3. For more connection options, click on Options
NOTE: Here you can save the connection profile, adjust display properties, run specified programs upon connection, adjust connection bandwidth, etc.
4. Click on Connect.
5. Enter your log in credentials of a user account on the remote computer that is allowed to do a remote desktop connection.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Network-credentials.jpg

Enable Windows 7 to accept Remote Desktop Connection (Local Area Connectivity)

1. Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced System Settings
2. Go to Remote tab.
3. Under Remote Assistance, put a check mark on Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer
4. Click on Advanced...
5. Put a check mark on Allow this computer to be controlled remotely.
6. Click on OK.
7. Remote Desktop Connection behind a router (Single computer)

A) Configure your router's port forwarding to allow connections on port 3389
B) Now in RDC just type the IP address supplied by your ISP

8. Remote Desktop Connection behind a router (Multiple computers)

A) For each computer you want to remotely connect to you have to configure each computer to listen to different ports to avoid port conflicts by changing the registry key in
B) Port Numbers are in Decimal format
Note: To avoid conflict with other programs it is suggested to select a port between 49152 and 65535.
C) Now take that number you've chosen your computer to listen to and configure your router to port forward to that number
D) To connect to that computer your format will now be ISPIPAddress:PortNumber (ex. to connect to that specific computer behind the router.

Important: If you have a firewall software running, that too has to be configured to allow communication to the port you opened in your router as well.


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