Right this is a big one,

I have been tasked with seeing if we can move our calls that we store on DVD RAM to disk. The machine used to record calls is a Nice Mirra V2. I tired pulling out a drive and putting a disk in, connecting it up to my PC running win 7 which just recognises it as a RAW format. I have no idea where the hell i should go with this but im guessing its going to a be a really low level thing that i could use a hand in where to look for answers! Any one got any ideas?

Ps couldnt settle on a place to put this question so forum admins i apologise if you feel this is in the wrong place!!!

Trey google!
There are a number of formats (high level) for both DVDs and Hard disks. Windows is restricted in reading some formats directly and you may need a third party software like Nero or partition manager to actually read what type of format is being used.
<If you venture to usb external disks it gets more complicated at some use Linux (ext2 opr ext3formats).
furhter to that if it is low level format this is basically the electronic structure on the disk itself that supports the map (high level) format and that is something that is put on at manufacture and I doubt if changing that will help