Can anyone please help. My mouse has stopped working, I have tried 2 different mice and
nothing. I have tries USB ports and the other one (sorry, bit thick) It stopped after I loaded a new game do you think its the game? Look forward to hearing some suggestions.


If the problem was caused by game, then i think it may be a software issue.. Maybe this game somehow affected your USB drivers or worse, your windows system. So, what I recommend you firstly, try reinstalling your chipset drivers or USB drivers seperately, depends on how these drivers are provided. But before that, try plugging in other type of devices, and how they work on your PC, isn't there a problem with them? Write me back, how is it working pls..

you could also uninstal the game and then restore the computer to a time (using the restore facility) when it was working. that will replace the drivers.

You could restore the computer to an earlier state as mjdodd has said above. This usually solves this sort of issues, but not always. To do this on vista, with only a keyboard (by the way, is the keboard USB or PS/2, and is it working) do the following:

-Press Start/windows logo key
-Press up to select all programs
-Press Right to open All Programs
-Use the up/down buttons to navigate to Accessories
-Press Enter
-Use the up/down buttons to navigate to System Tools
-Press Enter
-Use the up/down buttons to navigate to System Restore
-Press Enter
-If a security dialog comes up, then press Tab until continue is selected and press Enter
-In System Restore, Press the "Down Button" and then "ENter"(I got tired with the italcs!)
- This alows you to select any restore point that has been made
-Use "Up and Down" mouse buttons to select a time which was well before youre mouse stopped working
-Press Enter then Enter again.

That should do it!

Before this you could try doing a drivr roll back, in device manager.