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Hi all,
Our small business is currently using an online file server for our file sharing needs. Recently, there have been complaints around the office about the server. In particular, the problem people have the biggest issue with is file linking. MS Excel links don't work for files on the server (where you link cells in one worksheet file to automatically update based on cells in another worksheet). After speaking with customer support, the service told me that we should get a NAS device and set it up to work with their file backup.

I'm fine with the idea of getting a NAS device, but I need to make sure this will solve our issue with the Excel links. Will linked files automatically update on a NAS server? Also, how do NAS devices deal with multiple users editing the same file at once?

I've looked into buying a NAS server, which brings up a host of other questions. Can anyone recommend a good NAS server for a small business? (One without a dedicated IT professional)


This seems to be more of a software than a hardware issue. You might try one of the software forums.
(As a personal opinion, seems someone is eager to help you spend YOUR money w/o a good reason.)