Hi ya all. I've been asking around about this for months all sorts of different place and no one seems to have a good answer, I really hope you can help. Is there a way to connect a laptop hard drive while still in the laptop to be used by the laptop and also to a tower to be that tower's system drive and the laptop's system drive. Like maybe a splitter of some sort so I can use the resorces on the tower at home and use it as a laptop on the go. Please help. Thank You

hey, the answer to your question is probably not. it would all depend on the design of the hdd bay. however, there is an adapter that converts the 2.5" laptop drive to 3.5" used in desktop systems.

it sounds to me like you are looking for an external hard drive. something you can plug in and copy files to and then retreive them later from another system. you can find plenty of these at bestbuy.

or if you have an extra 2.5" hdd and are willing to spend $50 on a caddy you can get this one. http://store.yahoo.com/priorityelectronics/pmfiusb1ex25.html

There is no way to simultaneously connect, but you can hook it up to one or the other one at a time. It'd be smarter to just setup a network.

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