i just got an xfx 6800 but its not performing as well as id hope. It got 2600 on 3d mark 2005 and 6332 on 3d mark 03. It should be scoring at least 3000 more on 3dmark 03. Im using the latest omega drivers because the nvidia drivere made it pefrom worse. Also, in the Counter Strike source stress test i got 58 frames with AAx4 and AAx16. Now, i know this may seem high , but people with 9800 Pros and 6600 gts got in the 70s! My case is well ventilated with good airflow. My complelte system specs:

2.53 Ghz Intel Pentium 4
1024mb PC-2100 RAM
XFX 6800 AGP 128

i expected a huge performance increase from my old 9600 se......please help!

Did you properly remove the old video card drivers before swapping?

Regardless, the best way to achieve maximum performance is to start afresh with a clean reinstallation of Windows.

alright, now if i reformat? will i have to reainstall windows? Cause thats a pain in the arse.

Formatting isn't necessary, but it does imply a reinstall of Windows. You are wiping the hard drive after all. ;)

You can just remove the current installation and keep your files.

Ok , i reformated, everything is nice and clean, but i tried the Counter Strike source stress test, I got 63 fps with everything maxed out, 1024x768 resolution. It should be in the 70s or even 80s. I know my graphics card is stronger then that. What could be the problem?

What kind of 6800 do you have there exactly? A GT, Ultra, Vanilla or LE?

Vanilla. XFX 6800 128mb AGP to be exact. Well, actually, since the reboot, my BF2 performance has gone up to 30-40 fps on all medium . But my CSS stress test is still 63. I might be mistaken and this might actually be the correct score for my system. But i jjust feel its too low. Your the expert though.

I'm not really sure how well your card should be performing, but you can get a fair idea by looking at the 3dmark ORB results database and comparing your system to similar setups that have been recorded.

And Battlefield 2.....well, it runs sluggish on my 7800GTX with details turned down.

if it runs sluggish on a 7800 gtx, i guess its just an inconsistent game. Oh well, hopefully a performance patch comes out or somethign. But, is my processor fine? I mean a couple years ago 2.53 ghz was blazing fast, but how is it now? The max my mobo can support is 3.00ghz prescott HT. Is it worth getting that? or just gettintg a new mobo+PCI Express video card+athlon 64?.

wow...my card got 10843 in 3dmark 2001....it shouldve been 20000....how could this happen? What could possibley be wrong?

wow...my card got 10843 in 3dmark 2001....it shouldve been 20000....how could this happen? What could possibley be wrong?

Were you running it in default settings with no AA or AF?

yes oh and i have an update, i succesfully unlocked the 6th vertex shader. I couldnt get the pipes unlocked without artifacts though.