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This is more like a survey but still is a question.
What do you say the best temps for keeping components are?
This is for a temp/fan controller I have and would just like to get the experts input on this.

Example- the hard drive, I don't want it to get too hot but yet I don't want a fan running on it all the time.

Hdd safe operating temps- between ? and ?
Cpu safe operating temps-
Chipset safe operating temps-
Case safe operating temps-
Power supply safe op temps-

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Seagate sata 250gb hard drive.
An amd 64 3700+ San Diego
Nforce4 ultra from epox
Antec p180 special edition
Fortron blue storm 500watt
Is this better. Thanks for your help.

P4 2.5 533
2 GB ram
geforce4 ti4800
creatve 2 live
3 hard disks
no cd or dvd

my case has
2 fans in front, 120 and 80mm
2 fans in side, 80 and 80mm
1 fans at back, 80mm
cpu has one fan, 80mm
power supply has one fan, 120mm

my cpu 100% load for 1 hours at 40 degree.
hd 1 ~ 40degree
hd 2 ~ 40degree
hd 3 ~ 40degree

normal use CPU ar 35 degree
hd 1 ~ 35degree
hd 2 ~ 35degree
hd 3 ~ 35degree

ps i like P108 and i am planning to have a new system soon
P108, 500W, AMD 4400+, 7800GT, 4GB ram, 2 water cool, use old creative 2 and 3 hard disk.

i cant wait any longer!!!!!!

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You will love the p180. It is big but awesome. I got the nexus 120 fans to replace the antec ones. Man are they quiet. I used the zalman 7000 to replace stock fan. I have a gigabyte 6600gt fanless model and replaced the stock chipset fan with a zalman passive heatsink. The only problem is that the gig 6600 extends into the side fan and you have to mod it a little. I have 5 fans going. The top fan,back fan, cpu fan, bottom fan and side fan. When all five are going full blast I can barely hear it and what I hear is the zalman but barely. I have a digital doc 5+ fan shutoff which is awesome and fanmate 2 to control fan speed. Temps are great and when all fans are off except cpu which I have on all the time I can't hear a sound. I have the zalman 7000 turned down with the fanmate to silent mode and it is silent.

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