Compaq Presario V1000 (possibly bought outside US)

OS Window's XP Home

boot and black screen reads on top:

"1720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure (failing Attr: 05)

Please backup contents of hd and run HDD self Test in f10 setup"

f10 setup ask for admin password which user doesn't have...

HD failed 2 months ago and I used avg rescue to recover files then replaced HD with new 60gb Seagate, Today I cannot even boot from CD and would like to know how I can get password recovery tool or should I take bios battery out and put it back in to delete password???

User need's file's that have a paper due tomorrow, I would like to know why hd keep's failing but priority is in file recovery which I can't change boot set up...

"take bios battery out and put it back in to delete password" This works but only as far as the bios is concerned, if the file folder is password protected then you're out of luck, the file is scrambled. All of which is probably moot at this point. DO NOT put your fingers on both sides of the batt., you'll lose at least half the battery life before you can let go. Use plastic forceps or rubber gloves to remove/replace.
HD failure. If the bios is locked on to the parameters of one HD it's not going to work on any other.