I have hp DV6000 that I have abandoned for more than two years and now it has issues coming up. when i power on for the first time, i will have to press and hold the power button for like 10 secs after which i will have to wait for another 10 minutes for the wireless LED indicator to come up while in off state, that gives the signal that i can now power on. then i will press power button and it will come on once. after booting, mouse not working and keypads problem too. i will appreciate any help on this!

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what version of windows are you using, how much ram?.. and approx how long does windows take to boot from off state.. ? :).. mousepad problem could be due to drivers, have you tried plugging in an external USB Mouse?...
As for keypad problems.. it has been sitting for two years, i would advise blowing the keyboard, and the rest of the laptop out with an airgun/air compressor to blowout any dust and crap etc.


Do the problems present themselves once windows has started or as soon as you turn the computer on?

I would suggest you try using a Linux live CD to see if the hardware is working. If the live CD works then it could be you windows installation.

- Let us know how it goes.

the processor is AMD Turion 64 bit, OS is windows7 Ultimate, 1G Ram and 80G hard disk. have use external keyboard with it and works fine, haven't try external mouse but through device manager, the drivers are fully installed.

the major problem here is booting, as it turns out that it seems the board warms up first b4 it start booting. while booting, it boot normally under 10 to 15 seconds. but if it hasn't 'warm up', it abruptly goes off while booting.

i have tried linux live cd and it works properly, i mean the mouse while booting and the Keyboard still have some issues. I will try and blow the board as suggested but mean while i'll appreciate any suggestion too. thanks. one love!

in my experience i am unfamiliar with motherboards having to 'warm up' before booting, then there is the abrubtly going off while booting.. to me sounds almost like some sort of loose connection, or short somewhere. was this stored in a dry area? possible it could of got damp, bit of corrosion somewhere.. ?. board shouldnt get hot/warm before booting, maybe after running for a bit, but generally not straight away. And usually around CPU/chipset/ram etc, is where the main heat would be generated. if there is corrosion somewhere due to dampness, that could also explain keyboard and mousepad problems.
if it was me i would probably open this up and inspect the mainboard, especially around the powerswitch circuitry; for corrosion

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