just yesterday, a customer brought a desktop computer to my workshop. and after all the troubleshooting i did, i found that each time i remove the processor the system will power up but when i put back the processor, it will power and within 5 seconds it's off again.i have tried all my possible best but to no avail. please i need help to solve this problem.plesase Dani web members help.
thanks in advance.

..hi there!..did you try to replace or swap a new heat sink or power supply to the motherboard?..and did you install the processor correctly?..maybe the locations of each pins of the processor is wrong..try to check them!..tnx..i hope it helps!..^_^..

that was a good idea but after reinstalling thi processor the same problem continued. so any other suggestion is welcomed meanwhile it is a product or compac.
despro en series sff.
thanks for your suggestion

..hi there again!..did you try to swap or replace a new memory to your current memory?..there is a chance that it is your memory slot or your memory dimm that has been damage..if the issue still continue then tell your customer to buy a new motherboard that fits to its specifications..no more headaches!..i hope it helps!..^_^..

thanks for your great idea, it was really helpful. once again thank you.