This is a store bought system. The system was booting fine. Then the last 2 months it would boot successfully 4 out of 6 times without the scandisk error messages. Now it will not boot at all. No post, nothing.

Product recovery CD-Rom that came with system does nothing either. I could certainly use some help. Thank you. :confused:


There could be a variety of things wrong. My gut guess is that something bad is happening to the hard disk.

See if you can boot into safe mode, and access the logs. They may be able to tell you what is going wrong with the computer. The logs are found in My Computer --> Manage



I have tried booting in safe mode. I have booted up holding F8 key as well as booting up repeatedly pressing F8 key. If this is not correct procedure for booting up in safe mode please let me know.

Any other suggestion??

Thank you


Sounds like a hardware problem. The pinned topic at top of page will explain how to strip it back to basics and identify where the problem lies. If it sounds too tachnical or 'hands on' for you, then take the system to a technician for attention.

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