i just got my computer back from a computer repair store and they didnt install windows, i took it home and tried to install it and it says "Hard disk drive not found" so i call them back and they say i need to use the Asus A8V DDeluxe cd to create a floppy boot disk to get the drivers so itll see the hard drive but i dont know how to create the boot disc i went to the Drivers Folder and then the VIARAID folder and created a floppy and when i try to run it on my computer it says "Reboot and slect proper boot device or insert boot media in boot device and press any key" what am i doing wrong? :eek:

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You have a SATA hard drive and a non-native SATA controller. Thus, Windows requires drivers for the SATA controller before it can see your hard drive. You need to boot off the Windows XP install CD (as you were probably doing before) and press F6 when prompted (to install drivers for IDE/SCSI controllers). Then use the floppy disk when asked for the drivers later.

NOTE: make sure the hard drive is plugged into the VIA SATA controller. Your board may have 2 controllers - a VIA one and a Promise or Silicon Image one, each capable of supporting 2 drives.

hey thanks alot this was really surprising to find people that know what they are talking about i dont know much about computers but usually forums never help :)

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