I went to the shop where i bought it. they said it was PCI-E x16.

Your motherboard producer obviously didn't care to help you out there!
Good luck with your new gfx card!
Post any future problems, and we will hope to sort them out!

I want to know which graphics card is the best right now in the 250-300$ price range. can u help me out????

hey guys can u help me out. i have windows vista and i have to buy a video card. i have PCI-E x16. i want to know which card should i buy considering the present and future scope of games: Nvidia 7950 GT or 8600 GTS? Please help me out!!!

Well what are you looking for out of the two?
are you looking for cost or gaming experience?
Are you looking to stick with DiectX 9 or move up to version 10 with the new card?
Also have you considered ATI gfx cards, there is a lot of choice out there.
The 7950GT is the lower cost, yet if you get the Overclocked version you get 512Mb of VRAM on the gfx card compared to only 256Mb on the 8600GTS. But if you are wanting the DirectX 10 experience it would be best to get a good card now such as the 8600GTS, or even if you feel like shelling out for something else that has up to 768Mb then you will always have a brilliant gfx card, but because vista is very new the cost of these cards is extremly high, so wait for a while and watch the prices fall a bit if you want to go for a high end card.
Otherwise, go for the 7950GT for the cost option, and the 8600GTS for DirectX 10.

but is 8600 gts a good option? i mean will it be able to play bioshock and oblivion? and will the 7950 gt be able to play dx 10 games? and is radeon x1950 pro a good option?

They are all good options, but the 7950GT isn't DirectX 10 compatible according to the sites i've looked at. The more V-RAM they have, the better graphics you can experience.
It is really up to you, in someones opinion one may be better than the other, but in the end ask people with these cards to see how they like/dislike them. I have an ATI Radeon X1600XT, so i am slightly bias towards ATI because i know and trust the company. It really is down to you!

alright thanks for your help.....

I am getting XFX 7950 GT OC at 139.99$ and 8600GTS at 145$. Which one do u think is a better deal at this price. And which card gives better graphics and speed.

well for graphics, more onboard RAM the better, performance may go to the 7950 seeing as it is overclocked, but you will get a lower life expectancy out of it. They really are quite similar. Go for the one that has DirectX 10 compatibility, seeing as all games/software will need it sooner or later, if they both come with DirectX 10 compatible, then go for the 8600, because it will last longer!

But I have a lifetime warranty with the 7950 GT OC. Won't that help? And I read many reviews about both of them, and most of them say that the 7950 GT fairly outperforms the 8600 GTS. Is that true?

Well if it comes with a lifetime warranty, that's a different story, seeing as it is overclocked it would out perform other gfx cards, go for the 7950GT OC seeing as it has the warranty!

Thanks for the help....

Only the 8 series is directx 10 also for directx 10 you need vista home premium or above

Hi everyone. Can somebody tell me if its possible to get a new graphic card for a motherboard from intel - type D945GCLF2D? Thanks for help

case, mine is a black slot

Hi guys, i have a toshiba laptop the model is a305-s6858 and i'm wondering if my laptop contains a pci express card and can i use for example a vidock? I just want to add an external graphic card to my laptop in order to be able to play games and/or edit with 3d programs (which i tend to use a lot) Please help me. Here is the site of vidocks http://www.villageinstruments.com/tiki-index.php?page=ViDock The help would be greatly appreciated, also if anyone knows and tells me which of all the vidock versions is the maximum i can handle i can truly say i know no great way to appreciate all this help. Please help? contact me at chrisfernam@gmail.com

I have an X401A do i have a pci-port i need to get a new graphics card how can i tell if i can i have right now intel HD graphics 2000 integrated.
Thank you!!!

no is the correct answer i think , laptops don't have pci ports so you can add a pci vedo device ,

I have an X401A do i have a pci-port i need to get a new graphics card how can i tell if i can i have right now intel HD graphics 2000 integrated.
Thank you!!!

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