hi sorry for bothering u. i had had bluetooth on my toshiba laptop before(built-in) but i had a problem with laptop screen 2 months ago so they changed it but without format. a few mns ago i was trying to use bluetooth for the first time after my laptops recovery but i didn't find it (and i turned it on ) so i went to start/ control panel/bluetooth devices i found a blank page.. no devices, nothing.. and when i press bluetooth settings or add wireless device they give me nothing.... i do appreciate ur help asap.. thanks

Hi, a quick and cheap fix is to buy a usb bluetooth device. You can get one that is very small (only sticks out a fraction) for about $20.
Otherwise, you could go to System Devices and remove andy bluetooth controllers, restart the computer and Windows will find them again and re-install. Also, you should go to the Toshiba site and download your bluetooth drivers for your particular laptop.

thanks i will try it right now