hi everyone , pls help me out , i have bought a new sata hard drive , WD 500gb . . Previosly i have 40gb on my computer . . . Now when i plug in the hard 500gb drive the cpu starts working , but shows a blank screen , . . . Nothing appears , my windows is installed on 40gb hard drive , , how can i use my 500gb hard drive , please help me ,

Amin khan

is your hard drive 500gb detected by the BIOS? did you install windows or any OS on your 500gb drive?

nop , i didnt installed any os on my 500gb , hard drive , . . . . It dosent shows on bios , when i press F2 on start up , . . . . I have intel mother board , core 2 duo . . . Is 500gb . Suportetd ? . . I think it must be

It is supported. remove the cables on the old drive and install them on the new
drive. Then see if Bios will detect the drive. You can also put your win install
disk in and see if you can install an OS. If so, go ahead then install the old
drive as a slave and transfer Data as needed.

oh thank alot , ill do it asap , just as i get home , , , but wait , i remember that i did that , i conected the cable to the new drive only , but after doing that when i turn it on , there is a blank screen , ! Now whats that problem , , and i also read some where , that there is no slave and master system on sata

When you say a blank screen, does this mean than you never get anykind of a display?
even the Post?? If you unplug all drives, do you get any type of a display. If not
check your cables to your monitor..or your video card, make sure it is firmly in place.

no , its not working . , . I have tried all of the sollution . But still the same

do things one at a time..tried to plug in only your old hard drive check if it will work or not..
if it works, remove your old hard drive. plug-in your new drive.
Make sure that all cables are properly connected. check for any loss connection.
power on and check BIOS whether it can detect your new drive or not.

if cannot detect remove your new drive. plug-in your old hard drive.
if you got an external sata-usb cable plug in your new drive.
check if windows will detect it or not.
so in this way you can isolate your problem. if windows detect then it could be some cables connecting to your mobo that is causing the problem.

i believe your mobo got a lot of sata connectors, have you tried to connect on different sata connector? and what is the result?

ok , i have checked it , its not showing up , in the bios , when the cables are connected , only to 500gb hard drive . . . . . I think its not formated is this the reason ? . I have 4 sata conectors , . I dont have usb sata conector , i have to buy it now ,
And thanks for helping me so far

ok , its deteting , in bios , and even in devie manger , . But when i go to disk defragmantion , there is no new drive , . . Only my old 40 gb , :(

hey, why you want to go for disk defragmentation? a new drive and you want to defrag it for what?
try formatting first-> you can go to control panel->administrative tools->computer management under computer management window click on "Disk Management" right click on your 500gb hard drive then choose format.

check out this link on how to format->http://www.ehow.com/how_6026_format-hard-drive.html

Good Luck!