My Front Panel USB Port is not working but the rear panel is in good condition.
Could any one aid me to determine the solution for this.


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Re: Front Panel USB Port is not working but the rear panel

please provide more information on what you're using. Im thinking desktop so check the connection from the case to the USB header on the mobo.

Yes i am using desktop & i have checked my mobo USB1 & USB2 but i am not able to prove whether its in a good /working condition or not....
so is there any other way to check what s gone wrong in it
Also i need to know are they both different connection (Rear & front pannel)??
if so then i can conclude that my front pannel wont work any more because mobo is not passing the power to the front pannel..

Some things I would check:

Look in the Windows Device manager. Do the USBs show up here? Any yellow warnings?

Look in Bios. Is there an option to disable the Front USBs?

Already Done!
Please Any other Solution...


M back after a long time .... but i can see there isn't solution yet....

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