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Please specify what board you have.

Give me your computer Model, in case it is a custom build Open your case and read what it says on your motherboard.


hi everyone pls..help me.i need a culver driver of my motherboard...pls.....


I too had problems searching for drivers

I searched on web and found few auto driver updating applications they are easy use and store driver updates.

u can also use some driver updater app. like Driver Agent or Advanced Driver Optimizer they will get you the latest updates 4 ur drivers so u dnt hve to search them.

u can try there trial version to see if they show updates. I prefer Advanced Driver Optimizer as with it I hve to just scan n update all my drivers in single click.

The best part is if it installed incorrect driver then u can roll back using their restore facility.
u can download it from


Any problems with drivers etc then use astra 32. its a really good program and will tell you exactly what hardware you have in your computer and tells you if you have any missing drivers and if so what one you need.
It works for both 64-bit and 32-bit systems

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