I have a 2 year old Gateway desktop. Usually the power light blinks. For the past 2 mornings, the PC will not power on unless I do a cold start a couple of times. Also, now the power light no longer blinks.

Can anyone tell me what is probably wrong? I feel air coming from the 2 fans in the back.

AFter it starts working, it seems fine. But I am afraid that one of these mornings, it will not power on, no matter what I do.

I don't trust the local computer repair shop because the last time that I brought my PC to them with a written request not to delete or reconfigure anything without calling me first, they reformatted my whole C drive.

led might not be working or their could be a lose wire in the laptop itself that came off some pins. Did this problem occur immidietly after sending your PC in for repairs the first time?

Also, what do you consider a cold start? If the pc is hibernating, and you hit the power button, that's not a cold start. In order to cold start a PC, you would have to hold the power button in until it powered down, then hold the button in until it powered back on.

A reboot from a sleeping laptop is quicker than a laptop that is cold started, so that is a good way to tell which just happened.