Hello all.
I have accidently dropped my 500 GB Western Digital SATA hard drive when moving it to other computer. I used that hard drive as secondary hard drive. After reconnect the hard drive to my pc it's still look normal. I can access the file. But some files appears to be corrupted. I check it with some hdd utilities and it's got some bad sector but still accessible. But today when i start my pc, it's totally undetected. It's not appears in windows nor the BIOS. I've tried to check the cable, change the cable, put it on another pc, but it's still missing. What should I do?



If you are using windows have you run 'chkdsk'?

If you right click on the drive icon then click on > properties > tools. Then click on the button that will check the volume for errors. A box should come up, make sure both boxes are checked; fix file system errors and repair sectors.

- Let us know how it goes

It's not appears in Windows or the BIOS, so I can't use any software to repair it. It's totally undetected by my system.

it could be a broken internal chip which over time has become weaker and finally. I suggest taking it to a local geek centre and giving them a chance to examine it. It may have had it's last breath.
Let me know how you get on.