Recently the LCD screen on my Gateway Solo 5150 Laptop went black. I took it to a repair shop where they replaced the inverter board that supplies power to the LCD lamp. The unit worked very well for a couple of days and the problem re-appeared.

I took it back to the repair shop. They ordered a second inverter, and low and behold, that inverter also failed in about the same amount of time. It may be important to point out that both of the replacement inverters were used.

I am considering buying a new inverter, but I am concerned that I may have an additional problem(s) that could be contributing to the failure of the inverter. I don't want to buy a new board and have it go out as well.

Has anyone had this kind of a problem with the LCD display? Could something be causing the inverter to fail. Could the LCD display be contributing to the problem? Should I try another inverter or what approach should I take.

Thanks. Any help will be appreciated

hi this mike the pc guy (case1) i see what the problem might be with the laptop one thing is that the mother board is bad, that what shorting out the inverter because when they ship badd boards they only work for a few days be for the problem come back. (case 2) if that don't sove the problem try to open the laptop and check the video card and make sure that everything is plug in tight. because some time bad video cards can cause that kind of problem. (case#3) pc prosser might be over heating that make the mother board malfuctions and send the wrong volts to the inverter and board if still have problem reply