I came across the site via a search for my model. I've yet to get it to determine the full extent of condition, but it is a Toshiba Satellite 2435 S255. Looking at various online reviews, several problem areas have been pointed out, along with the fact, there are a number of problem free units and mixed feelings regarding Toshiba's service as well.

Since the machine is two years old, it's harder to find replacement parts and info that's upto date, however, it does have credible specs to be active still for many uses.
My main question for ideas about places to find HDD, memory and disc drives for the system, adapters and batteries at the lowest prices, and mods that are most useful. I'm thinking of getting the cooling pad that allows bottom vented units additional aid in cooling. I already read one thread suggesting cleaning the areas around the bottom fans to remove any dust/lint build up that can cause shutdowns in operation.

Also, as a relative newb to this type of site, hoping to expand my PC knowledge...what is "IT"? Not to sound too stupid, I've been a casual PC user since 2000/2001 with my eMachine eTower 700...my first.

As background, I started in the early 1980s on many Apple II machines

IT is Information Technology. eBay can be a good source for replacement parts and upgrades, just make sure you get the right parts for your laptop. The Toshiba support website can provide information on the original configuration of your laptop along with available options (including part numbers). You should be able to easily upgrade the hard drive and memory. Upgrading optical drives car present some challenges on Toshibas because you may have to update the firmware to get certain drives to work, but it is possible. Toshiba link for your laptop:

I likely should list the model in the title, Thanks again
Since I bought off eBay, both that and local PC shops have been my recent target searches. One item I came across is the TravelStar Hitachi/IBM 60 gig HDD being sold on the 'Bay that is said to adapt to this Toshiba, even though originally spec'd at 40 gig. The HDD replacement was one topic that led me here, but was never fully answered. The seller of the above drive pointed out installation tips in his auction ad/site link

It looks like the modular drive will be missing, along with the memory (looking at 512x2 for both avail slots. Also, seller lists SIC card...What is this? I'm thinking the wireless option for this laptop?
The wireless antenna board mounts above the RAM slot in the bottom and is covered in the Toshiba user guide I found online.
Any low cost answer to expensive AC adapters? I am curious why the high voltage models are in stark contrast to typical Radio Shack household AC adapters