Hi again,

I'm awaiting a laptop I 'won' off eBay, looking at online info, it appears with the supplied GeForce4 420 Go processing, you can adjust beyond the limits of the built in XGA 15"... This laptop offers S-video out, however a bit in the dark on whether this permits an external monitor to run the built in card at higher performance/resolution settings?
Thanks if anyone knows something on this, in advance!

The laptop that you are receiving has a VGA port and a S-Video out. This means that you can hook it up to an external monitor or television. The 15" screen supports resolutions up to 1024x800, but the graphics card is capable of supporting higher resolutions. I have a laptop with the same graphics card, and I have no problems hooking it up to a 19" monitor and getting 1600x1200 resolution on it. The card is even capable of producing separate images for each monitor so you can dual-screen.

When you mentioned performance, you didn't indicate what type of performance. If you are talking about game performance, such as framerates, attaching a different type of monitor will do nothing to influence that.

Since this laptop has a P4, I'm curious about that... it is 2.4 gig and my favorite game for the past few years, is the infamous GTA series, and it is a 3D type of game that may be a difficult one...but I love the environment and have the PS2 but am contemplating it for PC. I have GTA3 for PC currently. Also, was hoping that since this and my desktop PC are both over 2 GIG processing they would have the power to run games. My former PCs were 700 MHz and under!!

Bill :eek:

It was brought up on a related thread, this laptop deal went south and my bookPC is still dead thanks to my mistaken resetting of the FSB incorrectly that basically killed it. That system chip went to my eMachine for now, but hope to get a portable PC back up and running at some point. EVERY thing I have is feeling too old and underpowered at the moment though!

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