Never thought this will happen to me, but, guess what, IT DID!!!

I have accidentally let my drive slip from my hands yesterday with almost a terrabyte size of data on there. Obviously after re-inserting the drive into my hard drive dock, all the funny noises started and my system does not read the drive. It gave out small interrupted whirring sounds.

Is there any way of trying to recover my data? I read the part about putting it into a fridge. It went in about an hour ago. Will try tonight to see if this works.

Any other ideas?


If you can't get your system to detect the drive I don't think there is much you can do. You may have been able to get data off it if it was recognised but I think your going to have to get a replacement.

Have you no backups?
You could try a data recovery company but they usually have a steep price tag.

Thanks for your reply. The fridge plan did not work. I've stripped the drive this morning and it seems that the trays "discs" are all fine. The motor seems to have seized.

I do however can not trace a new casing with a motor anywhere on line. I'll try and find one from our local repairers.

Any idea on where I might find a new or second hand casing for a Seagate 7200.11 1 TB drive?

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