Hi everyone. I have my recitation in one my subject in school. One of my topic is about flash drive. Why does Flash Drive Size is not exact? example. i have 1GB,and it should be 1024MB but the stated size in the properties is 982MB. I am confused how does it happen? I already search about it. but I end up nothing. I hope you can help me.

Thank you.

Any flash drive comes with its own "installation Software" if you want. Have you noticed when you plug a new flash into a usb, your pc picks it up with a message "Found New Hardware". It then "installs" the drivers for the specific flash, hence the files and not exact size. If you have hidden files disabled on your pc, you will notice when you open the flash, there is a driver file there taking up some space on the total drive.

The same thing happens to your hard drive, if you sum up the size of all the partitions on your hard drive(s) it will be somewhat less than the manufaturer's stated size. The reason is that the operating system requires some space to store the file allocation table and other information about the drive.

Thank you for the Informations. But is there any specific info how the OS and the File System reduced the sizes.

YouTube lesson. To me he was a little rambling and didn't provide a technical reason why a formatted hard drive seems smaller than the manufacturer's stated size but he does explain in layman's terms.

Here's another explaination. According to that thread it all depends on how you want to count the size -- as someone else said it all depends of what "is" is.