I've just been taken for a ride by a vid card...take a look here for the saga. The 6600GT is going back to newegg for refund, and now I'm wondering...

I found a thread on VIAarena, a fellow named ktr managed to install an ATI 9600xt into his a420n (just like mine, see above link), so I'm thinking I'll pick one up. Old card, but someone made it work! Question is, is it that much better than my currently-working Geforce4 MX4000? Is it worth the risk?

Also, I've read that the card memory - 128MB vs 256MB might be of issue in compatability (the 6600GT was 128MB, btw) so going with 256MB is yet another risk, but I've read that Vista will work better with 256MB on the card. Opinions?

Well i got a ATI Radeon X800 Pro, and iv had no trouble what so ever.. abit pricey (i would actualy go for the X800 PE for better value as it has 16 pixel pipelines instead of the 12 that the X800 Pro has)

Very encouraging. I'd been looking at the 9800pro, glad to know it actually worked in your (our) machine. Still haven't figured out the compatability issue, but I'd bet I'm wasting my time on any of the X700 series, given what happened with the 6600gt, so the 9800Pro is probably as good as I'll be able to get. Good price range, too.


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