I am looking for some ram to add to my AMd 64 system I found a deal on 1024MB(512Mbx2) sticks. Even if your mother baord does't suport it, and you still add dual channel ram?

if not Im gonna have to go with two 512 non dual channel but I found the dual channel for a bit cheaper

Re: Dual Channel memory question 80 80

'Dual channel' RAM is simply a matched pair of modules. There's nothing whatsoever that's 'different' to other RAM. Dual channel is enabled in the motherboard chipset, not in the RAM modules themselves.

Calling RAM 'dual-channel' is simply marketting speak' for a pair of modules which are matched and thus have no possibility of conflicts when dual-channel memory configuration is enabled on the motherboard. Grab a pair of identical modules from any manufacturer whatsoever, and you've got the same thing.

I've currently got dual-channel running fine in one of my Athlon XP systems, with el-cheapo crappy RAM installed, and it works just fine. The Corsair XMS kit in my gaming rig doesn't do it any better ;)

Re: Dual Channel memory question 80 80

What would happen if I put PC3200 memory in a motherboard that only supports up to PC2100?

Re: Dual Channel memory question 80 80

It'd either run at PC2100 speeds or the system would fail to recognise it and beep at you instead of booting up :D

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