I got my motherboard serial... it isnt normal imo.. is it?

""""Mainboard Serial Number: Base Board Serial Number""""

and to be sure I'm getting this result through 2 wayz.. so I'm sure this is it everytime....

this is isnt normal is it? doesnt need to be a combination of numbers and letters?

am I missing something?

Needs a better explanation than the one given. I cannot make head or tail out of what you are asking.

ok, I used a java program I made to get me the motherboards' serial number. the result was: "Base Board Serial Number"

I used another program, already available on the internet to make sure if my java program is shitty, the result was: "Base Board Serial Number"

I used the program on my sister's laptop too, the result was: "Base Board Serial Number"

I went and used the program on the work's desktop, the result was a correct serial number which was: "BTPR8360097L"

why the hell am I getting "Base Board Serial Number" as a serial on our laptops? and how to get the real serials.....?

EDIT: I did a search on the system serial number in the same program I used, I got:

Product Serial Number: X8631002Q

could it be considered the same thing? my laptop is a toshiba A305? on the motherboard section it is: "base board serial number" and on the system section the serial is: "X8631002Q". the program I use is HWiNFO32