Im having simular problems... firstly my PC would not boot through POST and i wouldnt get that now beloved beep, it was a problem with the processor and managed to fix it by either disconnecting it from motherboard or just lifting up the clasps then putting them down again. however now what seems to be happening is my pc will freeze around every half an hour sometimes many times in a row. no blue screen.. just freeze then when i restart its hit and miss whether my pc will beep and i get visuals... can any1 help me?

Hi Lukex, and welcome. I've split your question into a topic of its own because we ask that people refrain from piggy-backing their questions onto another topic. It's highly unlikely that your problem will be identical to someone else's, and your 'freeze' issue is certainly a different problem to a system which can't complete POST. You're obviously getting through POST or otherwise your system wouldn't boot into Windows.

1. Have you two or more RAM modules from different manufacturers or of different models? Sometimes 'mix and match' RAM can cause freezing and rebooting issues.

2. Have you tried formatting and reinstalling? Unless you try with a freshly installed Windows installation, it's almost impossible to narrow possibilities down to Hardware issues.

yeah after my post problems i reformatted both harddrives thinking that might be the ticket, and it still freezes and sometimes after it freezes it wont go through post.

I have tried booting it with just graphics card.. still freezes. changing graphics card to my old 9600 still freezes even switching ram the other computer. no joy! neways i have addmited defeat and im buying new mother board n process + a bit more ram.

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