Hi everyone, apologies if this is covered in another thread but....

Im looking to upgrade my webcam as the old ones a bit low tech. What Im looking for needs to have the following:

-HD quality (be it just for recording or also web chat as well)

-Face tracking to keep me in the centre of the picture (so i dont have to reposition the thing all the time)

-A mic so i can talk over the web/record sound etc

-Motion sensing (not essential but would be cool)

Ive had a look around but there's so much bullshit out there that i was wondering if anyone here had any personal experiences or could make any recommendations, Id really appreciate it


Well thanks for the advice, i was looking for a webcam with a built in mic.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm sure there must be some of you out there that can help.

Zash, as far as webcams with mics go, there's shed loads out there. Logitech and Microsoft both do a number of models with mics, including the Logitech E2500 and the Microsoft Lifecam series. Hope that's of some help