Does anyone know how I can get my laptop (Sony Model pcg-7y2l) With windows vista... which I am not familiar, with to hook up to my HD tv? I have no screen to navigate with so it will be a blind hookup if you all know what I mean??? The laptop was given to me by a friend and since it was a $10 give. I didnt think it would work. But, thought I would post it here and see... Thanks


will try ,ok is the hd tv ,lcd or plasma ,
there are many wasy for laptops to hook to tv's mostly depends on age of laptop ,i hook my 5 yr old Compaq via a vga cable,to my lcd tv , same as one used to hook my desktop to its monitor ,also some laptops have RCA type video connection,that's the yellow plug in ,but I have to a S-Video cable[it looks somewhat linke a ps2 mouse plugin] to hook it to my Plasma ,as plasmas do no vga hookups,[LCD do though ] ,if you used that you have to use a mini pin connection for sound from laptop to tv same goes for vga/svideo connection ,
but they do have HDMI plugs and a lot of newer computer and laptops are coming out with hdmi hookup now ,hdmi transfers bot video and sound

so you need to look for the different connection on the laptop ,and one that corresponds to the tv.they you should be able to use the tv's setup to chose the input vga /hdmi ect ewct
i cant find anything on you laptop when i search google ,are you sure posted the correct model #,also what country was laptop purchased in