Okay so the GPU on my laptop (nvidia card), has gone bad and I have confirmed this with Nvidia (cause Dell would have been a headache). Anyway I needed to turn it on to get some stuff off of it, and decided to put this temperature program to see what the temps are on my laptop. Well they were insane and it felt hotter then I rmemeber (I haevn'e used it since the part went bad). So could my bad (or should I say shot) GPU cause like a resistance of some sort and increases the heat of my laptop or do I have a cooling issue (and might be the reason why the GPU went). To give you an idea, i just ran windows media player (now the image was crap and laggy cause remember the GPU is shot) and the program I used (CPUID) the CPU hit 89C, DIMM 75C, and AUX 93C (which I believe is a case temp or motherboard). Thanks in advance


from your talks I am thinking that you're having a cooling problem, which isn't caused by GPU. I think that's the reason why your GPU went bad.. So, repair your cooling system by cleaning it and then retest system temperatures. I really think, that it will help you out. Write me back if this works!

It's a dell laptop so I am kind of limited

Why you're limited?? you can repair your laptop similar to desktop, yes it's more complicated, but you still should try doing something..

It's a dell laptop so I am kind of limited

hi,start by,buying a can of compressed air to blow out the heatsinc and fan of the laptop