I have an omnibook xe3 gf model with a problem which seems very common. The computer will turn on for about 20 seconds and then immediately power down. The fans spin up for about 5 seconds. Nothing appears on the screen and only very occaisionally do i hear the HD spinning. Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem with the omnibook xe3 models. I have seen many people with this problem but there are no answers that i can find. Does anyone have any idea what is happening?



Some basic troubleshooting procedures for all laptops:
Make sure the power supply is the correct voltage for your laptop and that it is working.
Remove the AC adapter, battery and memory and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
Try starting the laptop with the AC adapter connected but no battery installed, then try with the battery but no AC adapter.
Make sure the memory is the correct speed for your laptop.
Try reseating or swapping the memory with known good memory.
Try starting the laptop with the hard drive, CD, and floppy disconnected/removed. Reseat the processor if it is not soldered to the motherboard.

Hey if you end up having to open up your laptop and repair it yourself, there is a good resource here.

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