the Toshiba P305D-S8900 I am working on has a no start problem. It seems to power on and there is hard drive activity but nothing on the screen. It failed to start again after closing it one day.I ran into this problem on a Dell I own and discovered it was the CMOS battery. I am hoping this is a simple fix like that one was but I can't find where the CMOS battery is. Does anyone have any ideas? I have the keyboard out and still don't see anything that looks like a battery.


From my experience with the no screen issue is that there is usually some piece of faulty hardware mainly the hard drive or motherboard.

I don't recommend swapping the CMOS Battery on the Toshiba as I do believe it is soldered on via two small cables.

Try plugging the laptop into an external monitor to see if the screen is dead.
Try removing the hard drive and boot it up.
Try removing one stick of ram if two are installed and boot it up.
Try swapping out which ram stick you remove and in which slot you install the ram into.

Hope this helps.