ok so basically ive just installed a new evga 470 GTX.
my power supply http://www.apevia.com/ProductsInfo.asp?KEY=ATX-IB680W-BL
my mobo nvida nforce 750i sli mcp
wireless linkysys adapter g

the problem is my pc randomly freezes up and i have to do a manual shutdown. I talked to the evga support they said that the 12v cords might not have enough amps because the card requires 38 amps.

the reason i dont believe this is because some times while booting up i get a BSOD that has the 0x00005c error and i have had very bad issues with there drivers. for example, when i first installed the card i had boot to safe mode 3 times and install the cards drivers because it would simply just freeze before i install the drivers.

another reason this issue stumps me is because for some reason, right before the computer freezes, the keyboard and mouse just shut off ( i have a g15 and G9 logitech mouse and keyboard). i dont know if this is true but it seems that all usb ports do not work before it freezes.

please help if you need any extra information please ask

it might also be a registry error.

What version of windows are you using?

wow im very sorry haha i forgot to include it
im using windows 7 home premium 32bit

Have a look in event viewer to see if there is any more info on your problem stored. Google will tell you how to use event viewer!