Hello, I was wondering if any Toshiba experts out there could help me with a little problem I was having. I have an older Toshiba Tecra 8100 that won't boot. I had the motherboard replaced a while back and when I got it back it worked perfectly, except for that the sound card didn't work. The internal speakers worked fine. I bought a used sound card off ebay and installed it, after having removed the power supply, battery, and memory. I replaced the sound card, and worked in reverse to reassemble everything, but now my Tecra won't boot! When I power it up, the power light comes on, but the fan doesn't start up, and the display is completely blank. I check to see if I had dislodged anything, but the display connection appears to be okay. I'm fairly certain that I screwed something up during the process of replacing the sound card, but I can't figure out what. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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It's possible the sound board you got is either defective or may not be the correct one for your laptop. I would also check the memory to make sure it is seated properly. The problem is the laptop is not completing POST for some reason. I would remove the sound board and try it with the old one. If it still won't post let me know and I'll try to dig up some more information.

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