Alright I have a Giga-Byte mother board (Duo Pro) that supports SATA. I have two SATA hard drives, on is the Existing Western Digital 80G (this one windows is messed up on and in order to fix I need to setup my old drive is a Slave so that I do not lose my data on that drive. I have a new SATA Hitachi 160 gig Drive that I am going to make my master.

So far what has happened is that I can get the BIOS to read only one of the SATA drives. It sees the 160 gig which I plugged into ATA slot 0 on my mother board. This Hitachi drive does not have any jumpers that I can find. I have plugged my old Western Digital drive (80g) into the slot marked ATA 1. The western Digital Caveat ATA 1 drive does have jumpers to it but no where in the documentation for the drive or on-line do I see which jumpers settings to use to make this a slave drive. I have also tried different jumper settings in a hope to stumble across it. So far no dice.

So my question is to you how do I get my BIOS to see Both SATA drives? This is my first experience with SATA drives, I am starting to wish I got a mother board with just normal IDE connections.

Please help.

SATA drives don't have any jumpers to configure. Check to see if all connections are tight. See if you can feel the WD drive spinning.