my brother has a packard bell CRT monitor that is only about 6 months old for 'what i can see' no apparent reason.

the problem with this monitor is that about a week ago it started cutting out (i mean totally powering off) when he tries to do anything with it and not just playing highly powered games. it is not a graphics card problem as i have tried the card in my machine and its fine. the native resolutions have been set to 1280x1024 which is appropriate for the card installed. i've tried lowering the resolution but even that doesnt seem to work.

please help as my brothers going mental at me because im not qualified to take these thing apart. i dont know what is causing the problem. :sad:

Ok, I know you've tried moving the graphics card, but have you tried moving the monitor to another PC? Have you done the obvious checking of the cables, both power and the pins in the d-plug? I have seen monitors go 'bad' in shorter time frames than this so it could be legitimately dead. I wouldn't recommend taking it apart, they never end up being the same anyway, if it survives the surgery.

So, try moving the monitor to another PC and using a different power source then let me know how it works out.


thanks for your advice wally. the monitor cuts out on all the machines i have apart from this one that i am using to compose this reply. there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the cables or the power supply. im baffled

Seems like the power supply on the monitor might be bad. This is actually a fairly common source of CRT failure. If it's still under warrenty, get the monitor replaced.

Is replacing the power supply costly ?
What % of the monitor cost is the estimate ?

Is replacing the power supply costly ?
What % of the monitor cost is the estimate ?

NEVER touch the components of a CRT. just go and buy a complete new one

Yes, you are likely to kill yourself if you do. Get a new one

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