I am having an issue with my video card. I am using a DRmos D55-CD33 mother board with windows 7 64bit 8GB of memory.The system is manufactured by SYX and is a 1601 Core i5 gaming PC. Everything had been running fine for over a month until today. I went to the ATI Catalyst menu and had it test for the best graphic settings. It was taking some time so I let it run and when I came back all I had was a locked computer with very poor quality. I shut the system off and in boot up entered into safe mode. Once there I went into the system restore point I had created before running the catalyst. When the computer restarted I saw the windows logo and then the system went to black screen with operational cursor. Now when I go into system restore it gives me the menu, starts processing and goes to black screen with cursor. I think the driver has been corrupted but I can not see a screen to corrected it. I did think about hooking into the mother board itself and bypassing the video card but there is no ports to do so. Any ideas because I am at a loss

Thank you

Just after your bios screen, press F8 and see if it will boot in safe mode!