Hello everyone,

I have a motherboard with a problem. The board was working fine when one day I tried to turn it on and nothing came on the display. Everything else worked fine, the drives started up, cooling fans run. At first I thought the processor had died, but after testing and probing around for a few hours I noticed that when I turned it on, the BIOS chip overheats. I've been looking for other problems, and trying various solutions but so far that's the only symptom I can find is with that chip. I was wondering if there could be too much power going through it but all transistors and regulators look fine.

Manufacturer: Acer
Model: Aspire ASE380-ED501A
Pocessor: AMD Athlon 64x2 Duo 2.4 GH
Power supply: 300W

Thanks for any help anyone has. I am well aware of the possibility that my motherboard may be dead.

First of all, the obvious one. Have you used a compressed "air" can to blow out the dust and debris? If not, please do. However, be sure to keep the system fans from spinning when you blow on them. Not doing so risks ruining the fan bearings. Seriously ungood later if you don't. Secondly, are you getting a "hard drive not found" eeor" If so, read on. My PC is an old one. In my research I found that one can get a PCI IDE Controller card for the HD. Found some on NewEgg, Best Buy and CompUSA sites. This allows HD to be recognized, etc. Cheers.

Hello 785086, good evening. :)

I notice that you are using a 300W Power Supply. A PC requires sufficient wattage for the machine to run properly. If it doesn't receive the necessary amount, several problems can occur. Play it safe and use at least 400-watt or much better if 500-watt power supply. This is a very common wattage and will give you plenty of extra power for boot up as well as for whatever other companies components you might add to the system in the future.

If the processor is damaged the computer won't turn-on anymore.

Since the problem is the display. The computer won't display anything when you turn-on your computer. It's likely a RAM or a motherboard problem. Aside from that, the power cable and the VGA cable are also one of the possibilities. So you better double check that one just to ensure. With RAM, try to swap other RAM to your computer to know if the RAM is the culprit. With motherboard, you should hear a beep when you turn-on your computer. That's the sign that your motherboard is ok unless you remove the speaker.

Take care and God bless. :)