I got a stationary pc with Windows Vista, as it's not having bluetooth, I thought of connecting my Sony Ericsson W595 mobile phone via USB, and access it's bluetooth on my stationary pc. But when I tried to Google this, I came up with nothing :(

Please help! And please tell if I was unclear?

What PC have you got?

I've got a Windows Vista Home Premium Compuer (Stationary), but I've got Ubuntu installed too.

I asked what computer you have got, you have already said that it has Vista on it! The reason I need to know what computer it is is that not all computers have bluetooth built in!

Then all of the answears is in the first post, I DON'T have Bluetooth, but I want to use the Bluetooth device BUILTIN IN my cellphone.

PC -> USB -> Cellphone -> Bluetooth

I don't understand, do you mean that you want to use your phone to connect bluetooth devices to your computer? If so, it's not possible. Neither the phones or the computers software supports this!

You will have to buy a bluetooth dongle if you want to use bluetooth on your PC!

Ok, thanks. :)

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