I am looking into getting a nw laptop and really like the macs layout but need to work in windows for certain thngs. Is it possible to dual boot any of the imacs or powerbooks with windows xp? If so what laptop did you do it with and is it worth it? Any problems that you came across? I really need details about this because i dont want to purchase an ibook and end up messing it up royally. i know one of the major differences is the mouse pad on the laptop only haveing one button.

i looked this up all last night and apparently it is not possible right now. Becuase the processors are different in macs and pcs windows OS cannot run on a mac. There are ways around it like using virtual pc (i think thats what it was) but it runs super super slow. Macs will be using intel processors in the future and then might be able to dual boot with windows.

Correct. Current Macs are not x86 boxes and cannot run Windows without VirtualPC, which as you found out is SUPER slow. Apple has stated that they won't disable the ability for Windows to be run on the new Mactels, but it won't be "supported". So, there's currently no info on whether one can dual-boot the x86 Macs. Hopefully.