I have bought all new parts for my comp...

  • ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO USB3 AMD 880G AM3 Motherboard

  • Ultra Gladiator Blk w/Clear Side Mid-Tower Case

  • Ultra LSP650 650w Power Supply

  • 2 Sets of Corsair XMS3 4GB PC10666 DDR3 Dual Channel 1333MHz

  • HIS Radeon HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 PCIe Eyefinity IceQ

  • AMD Athlon II X4 640 3Ghz AM3 CPU

  • AOC F22 22in Wide 1920x1080 5ms TFT LCD Monitor

  • Some blue-ray drives and hard drives as well....

I was having problems with the cae and PSU so I sent them back and got the new parts back yesterday. I hooked up the psu to the motherboard and saw the green light and was thankful so this one would "work." I assemblled everything and like the time before nothing. With no green light either... I untightend one screw on the motherboard and it would power on for a slit second, not even, and turn off. I took everything out of the case and tested it and it worked fine (did not test the monitor). I put everything back in and it was happening as again. I figured at that point I was shorting it so I loosend up the screws and that helped it. I tighened them to be a little give or take to let the motherboard sit in there fine without shorting itself. At one point when finding the short I thought I smelt ~smoke~ like the bad stuff given off when something expensive happens to it....

The computer powers on justfine now but I do not have a picture on the screen. I have tried the video card and the onboard graphics slots. I have tried the vga with my ne monitor and old one. I have tried the dvi onboard with thenew monitor and I have tried the dvi on the GPU with nothing still. The Blue-ray drives and all work without a problem.

I have tried to take out and put the ram back in without any luck as well, and tried to reset he jumper pins. When I was suspose to start the comp for the first time I was suspose to here the POST beeps but I do not / did not here anything.

Thanks for any advice!!

Just to check, you did fit the motherboard standoff's to the case in the correct positions before fitting the motherboard didn't you? I ask this because I have seen it done wrong before.
If you don't know what I mean by motherboard standoff's, google for a picture of one!

No I did not use those.... I feel stupid now though. I used those instead (that probly solves the shorting problem) but the picture still does not show up when powering up the computer.

Note: I will call ASUS to see of they can help me, or if I need a refund.

Not fitting the spacers could well have done damage to the motherboard and/or the power supply. You need to test the power supply by unplugging everything bar the mains in then use a bit of wire or a paperclip to short the green wire to any black. Your power supply will only have the 1 green wire so once you have found that, you will have the right plug to do the test with. Once the green is shorted, the power supply should fire it's fan up, if it doesn't then you have damaged it!

When I first got the motherboard it seemed to be somewhat bend and etc.

I talked to ASUS and they said it was probly the MOBO because there were no POST beeps in the case speakers or an external source so I am just going to return it.

Just make sure you fit the standoff's before you fit the replacement!