Alright, my sisters main computer was working fine yesterday, and today it wont turn on...
So i check it and when you push the power button it only sounds like its trying to power on and the light on the button flashes.. The fan works fine, it wont turn on..

After reading some threads i unplugged the power and left it off for a while, then went to a different outlet.. i also disconnected everything the drives, HD, all the connection to the computer and then tried to boot and it struggled to turn on but it turned on! WOO! i was excited, figured it would work.. so then i plugged the monitor and it was on just mention their was no disk to boot from.. so i turned it off plugged everything back and now it wont boot again!?

SO could this be the power supply!??


No it sounds like one of your peripherals is bad.

Take of everything and put it back one at a time and boot.

When it doesn't boot you found your culprit

O o, i was hoping it was the power supply seems ez to replace..
And i did try that, but after i plugged just one peripheral it started having the same problem and it didn't matter which one i connected back?

take out everything and your ram.

Does it give you multiple beeps.

Do you get a single beep when you boot the machine when ur saying it works?